our story

hello all! welcome to coffee & cloth! there has been many phases of my small business which has brought me to where we are today! for 8 years i was a teacher which is where i originally started out making shirts for myself and my colleagues. you know.. casual fridays?? ya, i had a new shirt for every friday! i absolutely loved making purely teacher shirts and seeing people other than my family wear items that i created. as my life evolved my shirts, styles, and designs evolved as well. in 2018 i became a mom to the sweetest (&& sometimes rotten) little boy. with this lifestyle change also came many changes in my brand and items that i wanted to add to my collections. as i have changed, so has my business... and it will continue to change and evolve with each phase of life.
behind coffee & cloth::
coffee::  each and EVERY day starts with coffee. 
cloth::    throughout my entire life since i was little cloth has always been around. whether it was through 4-h making clothing items, when i thought i was an expert hair bow maker (def. was NOT), to myself and my babe always wanting to look and feel our best. cloth and clothing is something that is actually very important to me. for me when you look good, you feel good, and who doesn't want to feel good?
all of these reasons are behind our brand coffee & cloth, but the main reason coffee & cloth continues is for my family, for our boy. every coffee & cloth purchase helps me to be able to be flexible and present for our little boy. to show him that working hard can lead you to things you want. that facing challenges and resilience can be some of life's best lessons, that if you want to achieve something you have to work for it, and so many more lessons that come along the way.
thank you for being you, and for being here while we chase our dreams, even if they are small.