Tired as a Mother | Tired as a Teacher Pocket Tee


Please select what you would like for your pocket.
If you would like something other than Tired as a Mother or Teacher please type that here :)
Please Select the Shirt Color of Your Choice.

Cutest pocket tee out there!! These shirts are available in long sleeve and short sleeve. 

There are two different 'tired' options for this shirt, either Tired as a Mother, or Tired as a Teacher, OR for some of us BOTH HA!! If you would like another saying that is totally possible, just email us at info@coffeeandcloth.com

Please reference the COLOR CHARTS in the listing photos to choose what color you would like. 

Orders are custom made for you and for your needs therefore please look at the sizing chart before ordering. I am unable to do returns or exchanges on custom orders. With our items being cotton they will shrink a little how most cottons do, therefore please consider this as well when choosing a size.

This specific pocket tee is the comfort colors brand the short sleeve shirt color is berry and the long sleeve shirt color is seafoam. The darker shirt color is pepper with white vinyl. All are made with white smooth vinyl.

*Accessories are not included with tee.